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Weekly Address #41 – The MS-13 Curse

President Donald J. Trump’s Weekly Address  Issued on: February 11, 2018 Weekly Address: 2/10/18   Transcript: My fellow Americans, This week, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, homeland security officials, and lawmakers joined...

Trump and Pence Meet With North Korean Defectors

Remarks by President Trump in Meeting with North Korean Defectors  Issued on: February 2, 2018   THE PRESIDENT: Okay, thank you very much. We have a very special...

President Trump Honors Incredible Story of A Supporter

Remarks by President Trump During Visit with Shane Bouvet and Donald Bouvet Issued on: February 9, 2018 Oval Office 12:50 P.M. EST THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you very much.  Shane...

President Trump Delivers On Making the Military Great Again

President Donald J. Trump Signs H.R. 1892 into Law  Issued on: February 9, 2018 On Friday, February 9, 2018, the President signed into law: H.R. 1892, the “Bipartisan...

President Trump Meets with President Morales of Guatemala

Readout of President Donald J. Trump’s Meeting with President Morales of Guatemala  Issued on: February 8, 2018 President Donald J. Trump met today with President James “Jimmy”...
President Trump is A Champion for Religious Freedom: Prayer Breakfast Speechvideo

President Trump is A Champion for Religious Freedom: Prayer Breakfast Speech

President Trump Has Been a Champion for Religious Freedom  Issued on: February 8, 2018 "Faith breathes life and hope into our world. We must diligently guard, preserve,...
VP Pence Brings Good News to Troops at Yokota Air Basevideo

VP Pence Brings Good News to Troops at Yokota Air Base

Remarks by Vice President Pence to Troops at Yokota Air Base  Issued on: February 8, 2018 Yokota Air Base Fussa, Jaan 12:15 P.M. JST THE VICE PRESIDENT:  Hello, Yokota!  (Applause.) ...

President Donald J. Trump’s Epic State of the Union Address

President Donald J. Trump’s State of the Union Address Issued on: January 30, 2018 Not since the end of the civil war and WWII has better news...

Trump Administration Will Modernize US Nuclear Deterent

Statement by President Donald J. Trump on the Nuclear Posture Review  Issued on: February 2, 2018 On January 27, 2017, in one of my first acts in...

Trump Renewing Respect and Making Deals For America Around the World

Now that we have a president who is not a weak apologetic coward shipping airplane loads of cash to terrorists,  Foreign leaders are on...