President Trump Nominates Hundreds For Key Roles But Dems Resist and Obstruct



The list goes on and on of nominees that the president has put forward. But it turns out that no other president in history has had to wait so long for his nominees to be confirmed. But today’s Demorats are not interested in what is best for the country, they are onlly interested in damaging the president and getting him out of office by any means ethics be damned.

There are 1,212 presidential appointments which require confirmation by the U.S. Senate and 353 presidential appointments which do not require confirmation. As of September 8, 2017, 117 of Trump’s nominees have been confirmed for those key positions, 153 are awaiting confirmation, and 7 have been announced but not yet formally nominated.

Below are the latest nominations of the president and two articles about democrats and their super lame obstruction. Finally is the president’s statement in July.

The Doctor of Common Sense does an excellent job of expressing the truth about these lame brained democrats doing their ludicrous dances while masquerading as respectable congressional representatives.

New York Post:


Democrats are trying to block Trump’s judge picks with vile, hypocritical smears

November 14, 2017 | 8:02pm | 

Democrats and the liberal media are slamming President Trump for packing federal courts with supposedly “unfit” judges. Nonsense. Trump’s nominees have impressive credentials.What’s the left’s real gripe? These judges will decide cases based on what the US Constitution says, instead of rewriting law to suit a progressive agenda.Look for fireworks in the Senate Wednesday, when the American Bar Association tries to justify rating several of Trump’s nominees “not qualified.” Such ABA ratings are a political hit job masquerading as high-minded objectivity.Consider the ABA’s “not qualified” rating of Leonard Steven Grasz, a Nebraska attorney nominated to the appeals court. The ABA claims Grasz is unfit because of his “deeply held social agenda.”One complaint: During 11 years as Nebraska’s chief deputy attorney general, he defended many of the state’s laws, including a ban on partial-birth abortion. But defending that law was his job.Opposing any limit on abortion is enough to outrage pro-choice activist Cynthia Nance, the law professor who led Grasz’s recent ABA review. She stooped to grilling him on why he sends his children to religious schools — a question that should be out of bounds — instead of sticking to probing his legal philosophy. Apparently, being religious is disqualifying.Grasz reiterated his “solemn obligation” to put aside personal views and “faithfully apply” Supreme Court precedent. Astonishingly, that’s an assurance the left rejects. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) argues “there’s simply no way to prevent a judge’s . . . personal beliefs from influencing” rulings. The conclusion is obvious. To Democrats like Whitehouse, it’s not about credentials but agendas — and only nominees with left-wing agendas are acceptable.

Not Brett Talley. Last Thursday, Talley won Senate Judiciary Committee approval to serve on an Alabama district court despite the ABA’s claim that Talley lacks “requisite trial experience” and is “unqualified.”

In truth, Talley is superbly qualified — with a law degree from Harvard, clerkships at the trial and appeals court level, litigation experience in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and a stint as Alabama’s deputy solicitor general. He’s got about as much trial experience as Justice Elena Kagan, who got a “well qualified” rating when President Barack Obama nominated her to the highest court.

What’s Talley’s real problem? His political views and Trump connections. (His wife is chief of staff to the White House counsel, a fact he should have disclosed sooner.) Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) grilled Talley about abortion, gun control, gay marriage and his disdain for Hillary Clinton — whom he once dubbed “Hillary Rotten Clinton” on Twitter.

Imprudent maybe, but hardly in the same league as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s comment that she couldn’t “imagine what the country would be — with Donald Trump as our president.”

Talley assured senators he would “never allow personal opinions or experiences to justify a departure from the law.” When Whitehouse said courts need judges who empathize with what it’s like to be a teenage mom, African-American, gay or poor, Talley shot back that everyone appearing in front of a judge deserves empathy.

Back in 2013, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) chastised Senate Republicans for opposing Obama’s female nominees, arguing the court needs more women. Hypocrisy is on full display now, with Warren and fellow Democrats attacking Trump’s female nominees.

Amy Barrett, nominated to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, got hammered for her Catholicism. Feinstein suggested Barrett’s religion “lives loudly within” her, making her unfit. The University of Notre Dame’s president warned that “it is chilling to hear from a United States senator that this might now disqualify someone from service as a federal judge.”

Millions voted for Trump because he pledged to appoint judges who would uphold the Constitution, not invent law to advance a social agenda. But the ABA and other activists aren’t surrendering their grip on the courts without a fight. Remember that when you hear the smears about “unfit” nominees.

Betsy McCaughey is a senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research


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Eight Nominations Sent to the Senate Today


Twenty-Seven Nominations and Two Withdrawals Sent to the Senate Today

President Donald J. Trump Announces Seventh Wave of United States Attorney Nominations

Six Nominations and One Withdrawal Sent to the Senate Today

President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Personnel to Key Administration Posts

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The Democratic Party’s abuse of Senate rules to obstruct President Donald Trump’s nominees have become so petty and absurd that it’s time for Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley to put a stop to it, The Wall Street Journal editorial board declared on Wednesday.

The editorial cites Minnesota Democrat Al Franken’s refusal to return his “blue slip” on the nomination of Minnesota Supreme Court Justice David Stras to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals as the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Blue slips are a bipartisan tradition whereby senators can block votes on nominees to the lower federal courts from their home states and were once reserved for nominees with ethical baggage.

But the editorial states that Franken has turned the procedure into a sham. Stras is held in high esteem across Minnesota legal circles, including earning the highest rating from the liberal American Bar Association, and even Franken has been unable to come up with a flaw in his legal record.

That, however, has not stopped Franken from trying to disqualify Stras due to his choice of those he admires. Stras has called Justice Clarence Thomas a role model and worked as a law clerk for him, and Stras also “talked about how the jurisprudence of Justice [Antonin] Scalia helped to shape his own views.”

The editorial criticized the absurdity of disqualifying someone who admires widely esteemed Senate-confirmed Supreme Court justices and pointed out that “Trump was elected in part on an explicit promise to appoint judges in the mold of Antonin Scalia, so the Franken standard pre-emptively disqualifies any Trump nominee.”

There is no reason for Grassley to stand for this nonsense, the editorial stated. He has the authority under Senate rules to suspend the blue-slip tradition on a case-by-case basis, as other judiciary chairmen have done in the past.

The editorial added that the Democrats’ frustration over how the Republican-controlled Senate refused to even give a hearing to President Barack Obama’s nominee Neil Gorsuch “doesn’t give them the right to block a president’s nominees merely because a left-wing senator thinks someone admires the wrong justices.”


From the Daily Caller:

The Ridiculous Obstruction Of Trump Nominees

VP for Judicial Affairs, Republican National Lawyers Association

While there is talk about shutting down the federal government in the news again, the fact of the matter is the Democrats in the Senate have been trying to effectively shut down the government since President Trump started in office.  They have done so by refusing to confirm or delaying the confirmation of many of President Trump’s nominees for Executive Branch positions and judicial vacancies.

How bad is the situation?  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recently stated: “If this continues it will take us more than 11 years to confirm the remaining presidential appointment[s].“  Statistics back this up, with almost four times as many nomineesconfirmed during President Obama’s first six months as President Trump’s.

Sometimes this is just plain ridiculous.  Democrat Michigan Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow delayed returning their blue slips for highly qualified Michigan Supreme Court Justice Joan Larsen, nominated for the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.  While there are different definitions of blue slips, they are basically a vehicle to give home state Senators an opportunity to opine on a nominee.  Larsen had just been reelected by over 57% of the people in Michigan.   There is absolutely no reason for the delay as Judge Larsen is extremely well known and well respected and was even mentioned as a possible Supreme Court nominee by President Trump.

Of course, possible Presidential candidate and Democrat Senator from Minnesota Al Franken has arguably taken it one step further.   Franken has still not returned his blue slip for Eighth Circuit nominee and Minnesota Supreme Court Justice David Stras.  Stras was actually elected with a higher percentage of the vote in Minnesota than Franken in either of his Senate races.  Yet Franken continues to sit on his blue slip for Stras.

To be clear, it is not just that the Democrats are delaying, they are attacking nominees at an unprecedented level.   This started with President Trump’s cabinet.  Even The Washington Post admitted President Trump was not exaggerating when he stated his cabinet nominees had been treated the worst of any President in history.

A great example of Democrats’ effort to hurt the government instead of raising real opposition to the merits of the nominees is their treatment of their former colleague and  current Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  Democrats, who had previously been happy to work with then-Senator Sessions and consider him a colleague, attempted to attach a narrative of racism, segregation, and Jim Crow laws to Sessions, without anything in his record to substantiate their claims.  Instead, Sessions’ record showed a history of fighting against racial discrimination.  But that did not stop the Democrats from erecting a straw man and attacking him as an excuse to delay action on Sessions’ nomination for attorney general.

After voting to oppose Sessions’ confirmation in lock step (except for Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia), relying on their false accusations of racism, Senate Democrats joined the Republicans in applauding after he was confirmed.  One of the leaders in the applause was Senator Bill Nelson of Florida, who clapped for over 30 seconds for the man he just voted against for being racist.

It is no wonder that good people are not willing to endure Democrats’ name-calling, character assassination, and delays in the confirmation process.  Miguel Estrada, one of the most distinguished appellate lawyers in the country whose D.C. Circuit nomination battle lasted over three years, stated when his name was mentioned as being a possible nominee for Solicitor General: “I would never accept a job that requires Senate confirmation or, for that matter, willingly place myself in any situation (e.g., a hearing room) in which convention requires that I be civil to Chuck Schumer.”

Estrada was the first appellate court nominee in our nation’s long history to be filibustered multiple times.  The Democrats’ stated reason was that no one would present his work product from his time as Deputy Solicitor General.   What is worse is the real reason why he was filibustered.   Under the leadership of Senator Ted Kennedy and current Minority Whip Dick Durbin, Senate Democrats opposed Estrada because of his race, as confidential memos between the staffs of those Senators confirmed.  The Democrats feared that the conservative Estrada may one day be a Supreme Court nominee and fabricated an argument that was rejected by all living solicitors general of both parties.

The problem of nomination obstruction is especially dire when compared with the rapidly growing number of judicial vacancies.  Since President Trump was elected, the number of judicial vacancies has increased by 1/3.  President Trump’s judicial choices need to be confirmed.

The situation is so bad that Senate Democrat allies have even taken to attacking the staff of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The Above the Law blog recently called the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Chief Nomination Counsel a “f–king d—b-g” for quitting his solo practitioner firm to come to Washington to serve the country.

Unlike President Trump, who has mentioned a temporary government shutdown to fix a problem, Senate Democrats have tried to permanently hinder the government for all of President Trump’s term.  The Democrats disagree with the decision of the people last November, so they are seeking to overrule it through every means possible, from distracting with constant, unsubstantiated harping on Russian election collusion to delaying and attacking qualified and well-respected nominees.

Sadly, the result is that the will of the people is what is actually obstructed and the people are prevented from receiving the government for which they voted.

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release

President Donald J. Trump’s Nominations Face Needless Obstruction

RESISTING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE: Senate Democrats have decided to obstruct President Donald J. Trump’s Administration, and the American people, by refusing to confirm qualified nominations.

  • Democrats in the Senate have delayed crucial appointments made by President Trump in an attempt to obstruct the will of the American people and the President’s agenda.
    • Of the 197 Presidential nominations to agencies, the Senate has only confirmed 48.
    • Only 2 of President Trump’s 23 judicial nominations have actually been confirmed by the Senate.
  • Democrats in the Senate have shown they are willing to break irresponsibly with tradition that allows a President to choose his own appointees in a timely fashion.
    • Less than a month away from the August recess, the Senate has confirmed only 23 percent of President Trump’s 216 nominations.
    • By the first August recess during President Obama’s first term, the Senate had confirmed 69 percent of his 454 nominations.

UNPRECEDENTED OBSTRUCTION: In an effort to prevent President Trump from following through on the policies for which the American people voted, Senate Democrats are putting his nominations through time-consuming parliamentary procedures not seen by the previous Administration.

  • Democrats in the Senate have allowed only 10 percent of President Trump’s confirmations to happen by voice vote, while more than 90 percent of Obama’s were confirmed by a simple voice vote at this point in 2009.
  • In just a few months, Democrats have delayed President Trump’s nominations by going through the burdensome cloture process 30 times.
    • By the first August recess of his Administration, President Obama only had 8 cloture votes on his nominations.

DAMAGING THE GOVERNMENT: The blatant obstruction of President Trump’s nominations threatens key aspects of the Government, including national security, by leaving positions vacant. 

  • Key positions in the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs are vacant because of obstructionism by Senate Democrats, damaging national security.
    • The Department of Defense has seen only 6 of President Trump’s 22 nominations confirmed. Positions waiting confirmation votes include:
      • Deputy Secretary of Defense
      • Principal Deputy under the Secretary of Defense
      • Assistant Secretary of Defense
  • Senate Democrats are attempting to hamstring President Trump’s law-and-order agenda by confirming less than 20 percent of his nominations to the Department of Justice and less than half of his nominations to the Department of Homeland Security.
    • The Department of Justice has only 3 of President Trump’s 19 nominations confirmed. Positions waiting confirmation include:
      • Solicitor General of the United States
      • Assistant Attorney General
    • The Department of Homeland Security has only 3 of President Trump’s nominations confirmed. Positions waiting confirmation include:
    • Director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Even as the President pushes to reform the healthcare system so it works for the American people, only one third of his nominations to Health and Human Services are confirmed.
    • The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has only 3 of President Trump’s 11 nominations confirmed. Positions waiting confirmation include:
    • Deputy Secretary of HHS

QUALIFIED NOMINATIONS: President Trump has nominated qualified individuals to key positions, but their confirmations have been delayed by obstructionism in the Senate.

  • Patrick M. Shanahan is nominated to be Deputy Defense Secretary at the Department of Defense.
    • Dubbed by The New York Times as “Mr. Fix It” who would provide “a good complement to the strategic expertise of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.”
    • Ran Boeing’s missile-defense business.
  • Noel J. Francisco is nominated to be Solicitor General of the United States at the Department of Justice.
    • A former clerk to Antonin Scalia who has argued before the Supreme Court.
    • He served as Associate Counsel to the President from 2001 to 2003, and he was Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Office of Legal Counsel from 2003 to 2005.
  • Lee Francis Cissna is nominated to be Director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) at the Department of Homeland Security.
    • Served as an attorney at USCIS and as an immigration policy director at the Department of Homeland Security.
    • Graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Georgetown Law School.
  • Kevin Hassett is nominated to be Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA).
    • Forty-four economists from across the political spectrum sent a letter to the Senate supporting Hassett’s nomination.
    • Even economists serving in the Obama administration agreed that “the Nation would be well served if Kevin Hassett is confirmed.”
    • For the past ten CEA chair nominations, the time waiting for confirmation averaged 8 days. Hassett has already waited twenty-seven days.